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Meatball News:

September 11, 2007
This page was PageChurn'ed

April 15, 2005
Sunir unresigns.

April 14, 2005
Meatball turns five.

July 2, 2004
Earle makes MeatballWiki a OpenDirectoryProject [Cool Site]. Thanks, Earle!

June 7, 2004

May 22, 2004
MeatballWiki and UseModWiki get WikiSpammed by bots. Cliff threw the ShieldsUp until the dust was settled. Thank you all to those who took the time and care to protect our shared work in this time. -- SunirShah

April 24, 2004
[MeatballWiki turns four].

April 19, 2004
OpenMeatballWiki, um, opens.

April 9, 2004
Acquired http://meatballsociety.org.

January 11, 2004
Made it to the FrontPage of SlashDot . . . Japan. [1] Not really being SlashDotted. Only 113 hits.

December 1, 2003
Another article from ErikMoeller appeared in the german magazine c't. It compares the biggest five Wiki engines, including UseModWiki and also mentioning Meatball.

May 9, 2003
ErikMoeller writes an [article] in Heise mentioning UseModWiki and articles on MeatballWiki.

May 8, 2003
Guardian Unlimited mentions MeatBall:WikiLog in an online [article] on SocialSoftware.

April 24, 2003
Three year anniversary. Wow. To commemorate the occasion, Meatball announces the creation of the new BarnStar award for outstanding BarnRaising.

April 1, 2003
MeatballWiki and SunirShah rate a couple of mentions in David Mattison's article for Searcher magazine "QuickWiki?, Swiki, TWiki, ZWiki and the Plone Wars" (http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/apr03/mattison.shtml). -- also the TourBusStop project

October 24, 2002
Finally, Oivvio Polite's [article] gets published, which included an interview with SunirShah.

April 28, 2002
Our sometime contributor JoeAnderson (aka NameWithheld?) has decided to "fork" MeatballWiki to allow pseudonyms. See FermentWiki, http://www.etrumeus.com/ferment/MeatBallFork

April 24, 2002
MeatballWiki has its second anniversary. Deep thanks to Cliff for hosting, and to everyone for BarnRaising.

March 12, 2002
AlexShapiro creates the TouchGraphWikiBrowser.

April 30, 2001
RustyFoster announces InterComm? (http://www.intercomm-conference.com), the Intercommunity Conference. It will be held before O'Reilly PeerToPeer east, around September 17. The Call for Papers is unofficially anytime, but will be official sometime soon.

April 24, 2001
MeatballWiki has its first anniversary. Thanks to Cliff for hosting it and for the immense effort he's put into it.

March 31, 2001
MeatballWikiCopyright changed to clarify archiving clause.

March 4, 2001
I've added http://purl.org/NET/meatball and http://purl.org/NET/meatballwiki PermanentURL?s. Did this in preparation for ICANN [rescinding] most of the .org domains. Of course, this might also break purl.org, but ICANN no doubt doesn't care. -- SunirShah (P.S. I also added http://purl.org/NET/sunir.)

Sunir, you might have forgotten, but you have also adding power on PURL.ORG/WIKI/. ;) -- jh

Merci! http://purl.org/wiki/meatball?SandBox

If you are in fear of losing purl.org, use http://purl.net/wiki/meatball?SandBox

February 20, 2001
MetaWiki search engine implemented.

February 14, 2001
WardCunningham [speaks] on Wiki:InterWiki at the big, big, big O'Reilly Peer to Peer conference in San Franciso. Also at the conference are LawrenceLessig and a billion other big names.

January 16, 2001
[NuPedia] gets wikified at http://www.wikipedia.com. But, on the other hand, the FreeSoftwareFoundation [launches] GNUPedia.

December 21, 2000
KuroShin has its first anniversary. Congratulations! Wikis are still better, though. ;)

October 23, 2000
Google has (finally!) indexed MeatballWiki. Very cool.

October 13, 2000
Meatball has its six month anniversary.

October 4, 2000
Updated the site descriptions.

October 3-4, 2000
ZWiki had to put its ZWiki:ShieldsUp in response to an attack precipitated from http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/10/03/1523228. It seems ok now. The vandal has apologized.

September 22, 2000
MeatballWikiCopyright updated.

August 23, 2000
AdvoGato incorporates the InterWiki namespace after Cliff publishes the InterMap file.

August 20, 2000
MeatballWikiCopyright written out.

August 20, 2000
IndexingSchemes completed.

July 5, 2000
http://hyperpolis.com goes online (kind of). [Update August 20, 2000: http://sunir.org now maps to the same server.]

April 24, 2000
MeatballWiki officially goes online .

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