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Meatball is a community of active practitioners striving to teach each other how to organize people using online tools. Members here are engaged with building or caring for communities, community knowledge or supporting community tools.

We gather here in a spirit of BarnRaising, exchanging help when needed, and mostly by teaching each other. You can find out more about the MeatballProject from the MeatballBackgrounder.

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We also have some introductions for visitors from other communities:


You can always find out what's happening by reading RecentChanges. There is a link at the top and bottom of every page MeatballNews chronicles major events here.

Our StartingPoints is a more traditional view of what's here.


Joining Meatball is as simple as saying hello. Saying hello is easy. You always can edit any page by clicking on Edit text of this page at the bottom of each page, the mechanics of which are described in our HowTo. Practice in the SandBox!

Once you are comfortable, sign our guestbook, RecentVisitors, with your real name and then create your very own homepage. If this concept seems crazy, see WhyWikiWorks and WikiFaq.

Before you join, there are three major policies you must agree to:

If you have questions about this wiki to which you can't find the answers on the pages listed below or by running a quick search, there's QuestionsAndAnswers. For small talk please use the MessageBoard.


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