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Suggestions for the InterMapTxt file go here.

Discussions about accepting or rejecting particular suggestions get moved to InterMapDiscussion.

Discussion about this form of InterWiki is on the InterMap page.

If you actually want to modify the InterMapTxt, just do it yourself. (You might choose to post a suggestion here rather than do it yourself. Why? For example, You notice that the file is days away from triggering the FileReplacement delay and you want to give it a chance to post changes that have been made, or you just want to give others a chance to look at and perhaps contribute to your suggestion before it gets added.)

Dear Listadmin,

please add our Eichsfeld Wiki:

EicWiki? http://wiki.eichsfeld.net/index.php/

to your list. Many thanks!

Niels Dettenbach <nd@eichsfeld.net>

Please add the Saltspring Ecovillage Education & Development Society wiki to your InterMap. I have already added it to the InterMap at meta.mediawiki.org.

SEEDS: http://www.IslandSeeds.org/wiki/$1


Please add suggestions, corrections and changes:

I don't understand the first sentence. Could you give an example? Thanks
I propose to add this link to simplify personal login from different machines. I think it is useful. Jim Hyslop even wrote a patch at UseMod:WikiPatches/LoginWithId to allow personal login, although it is already possible. With the proposed intermap link it would be also visible to newcomers. See it in use at DavidAndel.

I agree, let's add it -- BayleShanks

I think we don't need this any more as MeatballWiki doesn't seem to use the UseMod login stuff any more -- MarkusLude

Are either of those used anywhere in conversation here? Otherwise we should delete them. -- BayleShanks

Could someone please add WikiDe? http://www.wikiwiki.de/newwiki/pmwiki.php/Wiki/TitelSeite to the intermap (or local map?, don't recall). Something like WikiDe?:MattisManzel should work, that's all. I don't know how to do that and not if I'm authorized to do so, thank you. 031210 14:39 -- MattisManzel

OpenFacts? might be an interesting Wiki to add: http://openfacts.berlios.de/ That's the German version. There's also at least English http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-en.phtml?title=Main_Page and Spanish http://openfacts.berlios.de/index-es.phtml?title=Portada

 Faerunpedia http://www.gratis-wiki.com/Faerunpedia/index.php?title=Hauptseite  
 ForgottenRealmsWiki? http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page   

I would reject the additions as none of them were used in conversations here on MeatballWiki. -- MarkusLude

 TLpedia http://www.tlpedia.de/wiki/

I would reject the addition as TLpedia isn't used in conversations here so far. -- MarkusLude

Removed from InterMapTxt:

 BMuse http://www.mindrec.net/muse/wiki.pl/

To the person adding it: you wrote "Bmuse added to PUBLIC list (not necessarily for inclusion on Meatball!!!)". As it says on that page, the InterMapTxt is is not a directory of all wikis, only those InterWiki sites that are used on MeatballWiki. If you want to argue with that standard, please do so, but here for now. It will take weeks for the site to be added to the intermap anyway...

-- ChrisPurcell

Currently (2005-05-17) the InterMapTxt mentions where the public directory of all wiki is. Is it worded obviously enough now ?

"used on MeatballWiki."

So, it's OK to delete lines from InterMapTxt that are not used ? When I use the little "search" bar at the bottom of the page, I can't find TrustixWiki? or WLUG (except on InterMapTxt itself, of course). So (after adding them to SwitchWiki, of course), should I delete them from InterMapTxt ? If they were "used", they would show up on the search bar, right ? -- DavidCary

Is there some way to add a "last checked" date to each URL in InterMapTxt, so that helpful people don't waste time uselessly checking the same valid items over and over again, but can focus on the ones that haven't been checked the longest ? (By "check", I mean both (1) the abbreviation is actually used on MeatBall, and (2) the URL is still valid.

Removed from InterMapTxt:

PythonMac? http://www.pythonmac.org/wiki/

-- MarkDilley

I hope i didn't overstep the mark adding GirlzaDotCom?, it seemed like an okay thing to do.

I didn't see this page before I added it, remove if need be. Sorry for any inconvenience! :-D --Tristan

How about adding WikiIndex http://wikiindex.com/ on the InterMapTxt ? -- ChristopheDucamp

Sounds good to me. -- ChrisPurcell

Thanks Chris. I wanted to ask also about 2 mores who could help to build some intercommunity-bridges :

Still not sure about the monikers. Other alternatives should be checked in conversations. Currently checking with http://sunir.org/apps/checkmap.pl but it seems very long. Alternative suggestions : FrWikipedia?, WikipediaFr? / ProWikicenter? ProwikiCenter? -- ChristopheDucamp

The JargonFile interwiki seems to be broken at the moment. Example: JargonFile:forked. I'm not sure why, nor what an appropriate replacement would be.

MoinMoin s URL has changed to http://moinmo.in/ - the old InterWiki links do not work any more.

I suggest to add KielWiki as a wiki. It is time. -- ThiloPfennig

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